Mark & Lauren - May 28, 2005
Engagement Ring Lauren and Mark Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
contact us

While we tried to provide as much helpful information here as possible, we realize you may still have further questions. Below is some helpful contact information if you are trying to reach us:

Until July 1, 2005 our address is:

2101 16th Street NW
Apt #205
Washington, DC 20009

After July 1, 2005 our new address will be:

1421 Chapin Street NW
Apt #202
Washington, DC 20009

If you were planning on sending us any packages after July 1, please send them to Lauren's parents as we cannot accept packages at our new apartment:

c/o Gary and Risa Langbaum
3303 Water Street NW
Apt #5L
Washington, DC 20007

Other contact information that may be helpful:

Home Phone202.667.3599
Lauren Cell202.210.6537
Mark Cell202.258.5294
Gary and Risa Phone202.295.9039
Charlie and Carole Phone732.308.1630

Photos by Doug DeMark