Mark & Lauren - May 28, 2005
Engagement Ring Lauren and Mark Washington Monument
Lincoln Memorial
wedding party

So many of you have played such an important role in our lives, and we are delighted that you all can share in this special day for us. The people below have been with us through various stages of our lives, from childhood to the current day, and we are honored to have them in our wedding party.

Gary and Risa Langbaum
parents of the bride
Charlie and Carole Tobias
parents of the groom
Kenneth and Marcie Golberg
grandparents of the bride
Mildred Tobias
grandmother of the groom
Stanley and Anita Langbaum
grandparents of the bride
David Tobias
co-best man
Rachel Kurlantzick
maid of honor
Eric Tobias
co-best man
Lina Kee
Marc Barenberg
Sarah Singer
Douglas Hesney
Denah Taggart
Oron Strauss
Jill Clark
Abigail Hinga
Noah Tobias
ring bearer

We also would like to honor and remember those people who are unable to share this day with us:

Edward and Pearl Rose
Abe Tobias

Photos by Doug DeMark